winter tree care
winter tree care

Winter Tree Care

​How to protect your palms in winter. ​Preparations to winterize your palms.
While our palms are considered cold hardy, they could use some active protection to ensure their survival. Below are some helpful tips and recommendations for the Winter.

Palms emerge from a main trunk stem called a meristem. From this stem, a bud emerges to create new foliage. If this bud is damaged, new foliage may not be created, the palm will decline, and it will eventually perish. Protecting the bud is essential to the survival of the palm!

Putting on several layers of clothing keeps you warmer during the Winter. The same is true for your palms. Now since they don’t make 6XL clothing for your palms, you’ve got to be a little creative on making layers. One of the easiest ways to do so is to take a sheet or light blanket and drape it over your foliage. In addition, you could take some twine and collect the foliage into a bundle around the bud. Adding additional mulch above the root mass can provide additional insulation as well.

Protection is continual throughout the season. Stay tuned to your local weather report for freezing temperatures and reports of frost. Cover and insulate your palms during harsh temperatures, and be sure to uncover them during warmer periods. Leaving them covered up all Winter can negatively impact survivability. Resist the urge to cut back brown or dead foliage until after the threat of frost is over for the season. While not visually appealing, these fronds are still able to provide protection for your palm during the Winter.